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Free Resources for Your Medical Practice



The Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) understands that a successful practice requires more than just solid protection from medical malpractice lawsuits.

Select from the list of free resources that CAP offers at no charge to all California Physicians.

Risk and Practice Management Resources Available:

  • 2022 Human Resources Manual for Medical Practices - Word formatted manual fully customizable to your medical practice updated with 2022 changes to California law.
  • CAP Purchasing Alliance - CAP's Group Purchasing Program provides up to 20% savings on medical supplies and more. 
  • The Physician’s Action Guide to Starting Your Own Practice - Includes a step-by-step guide and handy checklist to help you on your path to self-employment.
  • The Physician's Action Guide to Smarter Billing - Develop sound billing practices and learn valuable tips that help you get paid in a timely and fair manner.
  • The Physician's Action Guide to Reducing Risk and Improving Business - Find the solutions to common problems associated with seemingly routine tasks in your medical practice.
  • The Physician's Action Guide to an Outstanding Patient Experience - Learn the concrete steps you and your staff can take to ensure that your patients would confidently recommend you and your practice to their friends.
  • Medicine on Trial Second Edition - Read about real-life risk management lessons culled from more than 80 CAP litigated medical malpractice cases to help you avoid similar risks in your practice.
  • Physician Today (The most recent issue) - Learn more about the latest issues physicians face in adapting to evolving patient expectations and care.
  • Physicians at Risk: An Essential Guide for Minimizing Liability in Business and Medicine - Offers guidance to help mitigate risks around a wide variety of business-related and malpractice-related threats that can impact your patients and your practice.
  • The Incident: A Physician's Guide to Navigating Adverse Outcomes, Claims, and Lawsuits - Understand how to reduce the likelihood of legal action following an adverse event and know what to expect should a claim or lawsuit occur.

The Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) provides medical professional liability coverage to nearly 12,000 of California’s best physicians as well as a wide range of free resources and services to help avoid lawsuits and enhance the running of their practices.

Learn How CAP Can Support You And Your Practice

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CAP members receive medical liability protection from the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT). Since 2006, MPT has earned A.M. Best Company′s A+ (Superior) rating, demonstrating MPT′s financial strength and its ability to meet ongoing coverage and contractual obligations.

The Mutual Protection Trust (MPT) is authorized under Section 1280.7 of the California Insurance Code as an unincorporated interindemnity arrangement among physician members of the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP). Members do not pay insurance premiums. Instead, they pay assessments, based on risk classifications, for the amount necessary to pay claims and administrative costs. No assurance can be given as to the amount or frequency of assessments. Members also make an Initial Trust Deposit, which is refundable according to the terms of the MPT Agreement. ©2022