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February 2022 Issue

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The Evolving Physician-Patient Relationship

This edition of Physician Today addresses the latest issues physicians face in adapting to evolving patient expectations and care. Download this issue of Physician Today to receive a comprehensive collection of articles and resources to help you stay ahead of trends impacting your patient relationships and much more.

Inside the February 2022 Issue You Will Find:

  • New California Health Laws in 2022
  • Closing the Gap in Healthcare Disparities
  • Reducing the Occurrence of Telehealth-Related Adverse Events
  • Preventing a Complaint from Snowballing into a Claim
  • Informed Consent Best Practices – How to Minimize Risk
  • Anticipating the Next Phase of Virtual Care
  • Tips for Managing Online Reviews
  • And much more!

As a physician-owned and governed organization, CAP always focuses on the long-standing and emerging challenges and opportunities that doctors face. We hope this issue of Physician Today gives you some answers to common concerns that can impact all physicians and their staff. Feel free to share this copy with your colleagues and physicians with whom you interact.

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The Mutual Protection Trust (MPT) is authorized under Section 1280.7 of the California Insurance Code as an unincorporated interindemnity arrangement among physician members of the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP). Members do not pay insurance premiums. Instead, they pay tax-deductible assessments, based on risk classifications, for the amount necessary to pay claims and administrative costs. No assurance can be given as to the amount or frequency of assessments. Members also make a tax-deductible Initial Trust Deposit, which is refundable according to the terms of the MPT Agreement. ©2022